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Amanda Hudgins

Amanda Hudgins is a game developer, writer and former rugby player. She works predominately in alternative controls and last year watched 599 movies.

Amanda will be bringing her 1000 button project to our Exhibit Hall. Check all of her projects out here.

Visit her websites at buttonsare.cool and amandathrows.rocks

B99 Handmade Ceramics

Bree Black is pursuing her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts at Marshall University where she studies ceramics. Her unique, handmade pottery and jewelry will be for sale, as well as a retro game collection made specially for WV Game Developer’s Expo. There will also be a sneak peak of work appearing in an upcoming art show, as well as a selection of work from other Marshall Ceramics students.

Critically Absurd TV

Critically Absurd TV are Journalist and Media Producers. Their goal is to engage, educate and bring the community together through entertainment. They cover comics, gaming, TV, movies, tabletops, and more!

Doolin Digital

Doolin Digital specializes in the creation and recreation of retro style video games. It is their belief that there is still a place for retro style games in the modern gaming world, and they aim to bring everything that made them so great into the 21st century.

Doomsday Designs

Doomsday creates awesome posters inspired by comics, movies, and video games. To purchase a poster or to see more of their work, visit doomsdaydesigns.storenvy.com.

Lasso Games

Lasso Games, LLC is an independent game developer located in Huntington, WV.

Their team is composed of 6 members, each specializing in areas of game design, code composition, visual art, and music. Their goal is to create fun and accessible games that are easy to understand, challenging, have depth of content, and are rich in expression.

The dev team operates primarily from remote locations, but the company as a whole maintains an Appalachian identity and as part of the Huntington, WV community.

Their development team has been involved in several contract projects for other companies. Projects have included artwork, development/programming, music composition, and story writing. They have built a reputation for excellence, and have become a reliable source for quality contract work for other indie devs in the industry.

Marshall University

Marshall University’s Department of Computer and Information Technology is an accredited program that offers a degree emphasis in Game/Simulation Development. Marshall’s program combines principles of computer application with game development. The connection between application development and game development better serves students of the program aspiring to develop computer, console, and mobile games.

Paisleys and Portraits

The one thing Julia DeStanfo of Paisleys and Portraits loves more than channeling her imagination, is channeling yours. She already knows what’s in her head, but custom works allow her to feel an even greater sense of accomplishment knowing that her art will connect with people on a whole new level. Julia’s mission is to use her abilities and resources to bring your visions to life.

Julia will be selling some of her amazing artwork and showing off her skills during the expo with live drawings.

Check out her work on Etsy and Redbubble.

ProudMom Games

ProudMom Games, LLC is a game studio with workers all around West Virginia. They keep a lean team of multi-disciplined developers. Last year they released their first game, Perspectrum, and this year they have something cool and new to show! Theycan’t wait for you to see it!

Shawnee State University

Shawnee State University’s nationally ranked game design programs help students develop the technical skills needed for a career in the gaming industry.

The SSU Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game and Simulation Arts and the Digital Simulation and Gaming Engineering Technology Bachelor of Science have foundations in computer science, programming, and graphics programming, supplemented by courses in art, design, math and physics. Students get a deep dive into the technical skill development they’ll need to have a competitive edge in video game design.

SSU also provides The Motion Capture Studio Lab where students simulate video game animation and fine-tune game movements. It offers a competitive advantage in educational technology and will bolster employability upon completion of the curriculum.

Super Soul

Super Soul is an award-winning digital arts studio with a diverse portfolio that includes PC, console, and mobile video games; educational and training games; marketing materials; art installations; and consultation. Super Soul’s mission is to innovate and experiment with interactive media and to deliver high-quality products to the commercial marketplace, and to clients, that emphasize fun, innovation, and creativity. Their projects range from simple interactives to console games to complex simulations to intuitive, information-rich applications. Super Soul has published console titles, mobile games, and virtual reality. Visit supersoul.games or supersoul.co or email them at info@supersoul.co for more information.

Tri-State STEM+M Virtual Reality Team

The Tri-State STEM+M School VR Team is a completely student-driven simulated software company that is focused on bringing a fun, interactive game for people of all ages. It provides an educational atmosphere that’s eye-catching and enjoyable. Their project, an immersive virtual reality deep-sea dive game of the Mariana Trench, started in 2017 and has since won the People’s Choice Award at WV Makes Festival 2 years in a row and Runner-up in Youth Division at WV Makes Festival.

Tri-state STEM+M Early College High School is the first dedicated STEM high school in our region of Appalachia. It is also the first dedicated STEM high school that allows enrollment for students from Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. The school is accredited by the Ohio Department of Education and, as a public school, is free to Ohio students. The school currently has an open-enrollment policy and accepts student enrollments on a first-come-first-serve basis, regardless of geographic boundaries.

Ugly Munkey Studio

Ugly Munkey Studio is digital Media company based out of Huntington, WV. They specialize in game development, graphic design, and web design and will be exhibiting their project Az Hul!

Wraith Games

Wraith Games is an award-winning independent game studio based in Hamilton, Ohio. They are a diverse team of game developers with a common passion for excellence, love of gaming, and razor-sharp focus on accessibility options for the differently abled. Together, they have set out to make games that force players to challenge themselves, think outside of the box, and most importantly: have fun! Above all else, the Wraith Games team is dedicated to maintaining a green, paperless studio, promoting games as an artform, making high-quality/open source/cross-platform games for gamers of all ages & ability, as well as involving themselves deeply in the games education sector!