Speakers – 2021 – Spring

cybersecurity Keynote: IRA Winkler

Ira Winkler Image
Friday, April 16, 2021 at 9:30aM

CISO for Skyline Technology Systems and author of You Can Stop Stupid

Ira Winkler, CISSP is CISO for Skyline Technology Systems and author of You Can Stop Stupid. He is considered one of the world’s most influential security professionals, and has been named a “Modern Day James Bond” by the media. He did this by performing espionage simulations, where he physically and technically “broke into” some of the largest companies in the World and investigating crimes against them, and telling them how to cost-effectively protect their information and computer infrastructure. He continues to perform these espionage simulations, as well as assisting organizations in developing cost-effective security programs. Ira also won the Hall of Fame award from the Information Systems Security Association, as well as several other prestigious industry awards. CSO Magazine named Ira a CSO Compass Award winner as The Awareness Crusader.

Ira is also the author of the riveting, entertaining, and educational books, Advanced Persistent Security, Spies Among Us and Zen and the Art of Information Security. He also writes for a variety of online sites, including RSA Conference, DarkReading and ComputerWorld, and for several other industry publications.

Mr. Winkler has been a keynote speaker at almost every major information security-related event, on 6 continents, and has keynoted events in many diverse industries. He is frequently ranked among, if not the top speakers at the events.

Mr. Winkler began his career at the National Security Agency, where he served as an Intelligence and Computer Systems Analyst. He moved onto support other US and overseas government military and intelligence agencies. After leaving government service, he went on to serve as President of the Internet Security Advisors Group, Chief Security Strategist at HP Consulting, and Director of Technology of the National Computer Security Association. He was also on the Graduate and Undergraduate faculties of the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland. Mr. Winkler was previously elected the International President of the Information Systems Security Association, which is a 10,000+ member professional association.

Mr. Winkler has also written the book Corporate Espionage, which has been described as the bible of the Information Security field, and the bestselling Through the Eyes of the Enemy. Both books address the threats that companies face protecting their information. He has also written hundreds of professional and trade articles. He has been featured and frequently appears on TV on every continent. He has also been featured in magazines and newspapers including Forbes, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, Planet Internet, and Business 2.0.

Bill Gardner headshot

Cybersecurity Speaker: Bill Gardner

friday, april 16, 2021

Assistant Professor, Marshall University

Bill Gardner is an Assistant Professor at Marshall University where he teaches in the Cyber Forensics and Security degree programs at Marshall University. He is the co-author of “Building an Information Security Awareness Program: Defending Against Social Engineering Hacks and Technical Threats” and co-author of “Google Hacking For Penetration Testers”.

Scott Nicholas headshot

Cybersecurity Speaker: Scott Nicholas

friday, april 16, 2021

Professor, Mountwest Community and Technical College

Scott Nicholas has over 30 years’ experience in the IT field, supporting industry, commerce, government and education. Scott worked for ten years as a network systems engineer before going into education as a university professor. Currently, he is a Professor of Information Technology at Mountwest Community & Technical College. Scott holds certifications from numerous IT vendors, including Cisco, CompTIA, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft and Novell.

Game Developers Keynote: Christian Allen

Friday, april 16, 2021 at 12:30PM

Evangelist for Epic Games

Christian Allen is an experienced and BAFTA award-winning AAA game designer and creative director. Prior to joining Epic Games as the Evangelist for North America, Christian served as Lead Designer, Creative Director, and Design Director of several AAA game projects for Ubisoft, Bungie, and Warner Bros; as well as running his own indie development studio, Serellan LLC, shipping multiple titles on console, PC, mobile, and VR. Christian’s role at Epic includes utilizing his extensive game development experience assisting and advising indie game developers utilizing the Unreal Engine to ship the best experiences possible.

Christie Trent headshot

game developers speaker: Christie Trent

Friday, April 16, 2021

Programmer, Graphic Designer, and Animator

Christie Trent was born and raised in West Virginia and has worked for 20 years in the tech industry. She is the owner of Athena Blue, LLC where she is a programmer for clients in and outside of the state of West Virginia, and Apocalypse Gaming, LLC where she works as a graphic designer and animator for the gaming community. She writes for Hill Tree Roastery, a single-source, small-batch coffee roaster out of Huntington, West Virginia, and her West Virginia travel blog, Wild and Wanderin’.

Christie is passionate about programming and helping others and has volunteered with WV public schools and the Department of Defense Education Activity for the International Hour of Code.

Rob Jenkins Headshot

game developers speaker: Rob Jenkins

Friday, April 16, 2021

Software Developer, Network Integrator, and IoT Designer / Programmer

Rob Jenkins has over 30 years experience in the IT industry as a software developer, network integrator, and IoT designer / programmer. Rob’s experience has been in service of the medical, insurance, ISP (Internet service provider), banking, and other sectors as well as being a consultant on projects for the US Navy. He is currently an instructor in the Information Technology department at Mountwest Community and Technical College where he directs the Mobile Application Development program.

Gary Brafford bio

game developers speaker: Gary Brafford

Friday, April 16, 2021

Game Developer and Game Programmer

From the age 7 when Gary’s father bought him his first computer, a TRS-80, Gary Brafford has been a gamer/programmer. That love continued through the silver and golden age of consoles, and even through the PC renaissance that started in the late 80s till now. Gary knows C++, C#, Java, HTML, Python, Ruby, and has experience with most of the major game engines, the majority of which was self-taught. Gary commercially released two games on Xbox and PC that are small Indie titles, Rofaxan and Kerbang. Gary is currently in his last semester of Game Development and 3D Animation at Mountwest and he just got hired with a game development company called Akupara Games where he currently makes games for all platforms. Gary is a person who is truly living his dream.